Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The ride is always bumpy at first

Hey all,
Just thought I'd update everyone on the meanderings, panderings, and wanderings of this bored small town gal (yes, I just called myself a "gal").

I went to the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach last weekend and booooy what it HOT! I think I've now ruled out deserts or tropical climate areas as future homes....
It was a neat festival though--gave me lots of ideas I want to try this year.
This lady and her (husband?) were selling resin pendants that were pretty awesome. If you'd like to see more of her stuff check out her website: She said that she wasn't selling on Etsy at the moment, but they hoped to get more stuff up this winter.

Also, if you are not familiar with better get that way, because it is the one-stop shop for unique gifts (ok, so you'll want to buy for yourself too).

Let's see, what I'm working on now (when I'm not at work or being worked by home chores) is Bookbinding! Who knew that this was such a large hobby trend amongst creative farts like me. I had an idea for a Christmas gift for (someone) but I couldn't find anything premade, so I just decided I would make one. So I researched....and googled (yes, I like to google, leave me be) and found several methods. First, I am going to try Coptic stitch binding, because it seems to require the fewest materials. There are several youtube videos I've found, and hopefully I'll have made a book by the end of this week.

Oh and I should mention that my boyfriend and I are already gearing up for Halloween! He takes his holidays very seriously and I think he hopes to out-do himself this year.

Check out his B&B turned Pirate Ship house video from last year!
Halloween Pirate Ship House

ttyl folks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First ever Blog

Well....sort of.  Once upon a time I used a site called Xanga and an even shorter time ago, I used Myspace to write my thoughts about how I was a tortured soul. Now, I've graduated from college and I'm back in my hometown: home less than 2,500 people. Yep, that's the whole county. And I bet you thought YOU were from a small town.

Anyway, this blog is more of a way to escape my boredom of the small town life. My goal is to be constructive this year. To think of things to do and then actually do them. And you are my accountability. So when I stop posting for a while, you are in charge of bombarding me with emails until I post another blog.

A word of caution as far as my grammar is concerned. I was dubbed an official "grammar nazi" in 2009, but I am probably writing off the cuff (where did that phrase come from again?) most of the time and I will probably have a run on sentence or two (like right now) and most definitely will not put commas and semicolons where they are supposed to be. However, I will do my best not to put my English professors to shame that often.

Ok, final words on the intentions of this blog. It's purpose is to alleviate boredom by keeping me accountable for opening up my creative talents--whether its through projects, photos, music, or writing--maybe even all four (or just two or three or none at all).

Thank you for listening Cyberspace. I'm done talking now.