Monday, January 10, 2011

A wee bit off the beaten track

Well, what can I say--I haven't posted in....quite a while. No excuse really, but lots of things have happened...I just forgot to tell the internet about it.

Let's see, I became a vegetarian in the summer--I get crap for it every day. At least 3 more college friends have gotten married and several more are in "serious" relationships (*sigh*). I am a DJ at the local radio station and I'm now on the Relay for Life committee for Highland. Also thiiiiis close to joining the Highland Arts Council Board...

I know what you're thinking...small town girl swore she'd never come back to her hometown after college and here she is...planting root after root in her garden of life right where she promised she'd never end up. Don't get me wrong, I still don't plan on staying here forever....but for now I guess I'm content to be where I am (though maybe not content in this specific house). But you know what they say about making plans....


I promise more exciting thing will be posted...later...I'm a procrastinator...what can I say?

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