Friday, July 15, 2011

Why So Busy?

I have no excuse. I am just not good at multi-tasking. I'm not good at writing without a theme, not good at finishing anything without a purpose. I am always looking for a purpose though. Feel free to suggest one.

Anyway, to show a little of what I've been so busy with, I will attempt to show in pictures...

Hand-painted Jewelry Boards...

Making Journals and other books or albums from recycled materials--pictured pocket album made with an aluminum can...

Making jewelry for Relay for Life--which took a big junk of my creative energy...

Farmsitting, which further cemented my vegan appetite (aka, keeping these little lambies ALIVE)

Spoiling dog and boyfriend

Making Jewelry to sell (and have crafty boyfriend take the photos)....

So that's just a taste of what I've been doing lately. Nothing Fantastic, but time-consuming nonetheless. 

Oh and I also came up with a good recipe for a chocolate shake when one is sans-vegan ice cream.

Maybe not as good as it could be, but it definitely hits the spot (as long as said spot is barren of chocolate and cooler temperatures.)

1 blender
2 heaping cups of ice
1/4 c of chocolate chips
1 c of non-dairy milk
1/4 c chocolate syrup
1-2 Tbsp of "organic" sugar

Add all ingredients except ice. Blend to crush up/mix ingredients. Then add ice to the blender and blend until smooth. ( I have a crappy blender, so you could possibly put everything in at once and you'd be fine. But not me, I've got the cheapo, lazy blender that can only handle one step at a time. *sigh* )

There you go folks, Hope you are enjoying life wherever you may be!

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  1. That aluminum can journal is awesome. Have you been selling those at the market??